Hula Hoop

6.15 – 7.15pm Wednesdays 


Please contact the teacher for updates of upcoming dates
.Want to be able to do impressive things with a hula hoop, like lifting it off your body, spinning more than one, rolls, throws and tricks?

Beginners Five Week Introduction to Hoop Skills


Think Circus (partnered with Glasgow Hula Hoop)


You will cover waist hooping, lifts, vortexes, body rolls, throws, jumps and more. This course will give you a solid foundation to develop your o

wn style of hooping, show you new directions to explore and make further learning from Youtube videos a whole lot easier. Our tutors have years of performance and tuition experience.

The price of £42 includes your very own hula hoop (usually costs £12), which you will collect at your first class and will be customised for you. A great gift to yourself or for a friend – start your new addiction now!