Play is one of the ways that young children learn.

Young children are very good at creating their own play experiences. The best way to do this is to set up an environment in which your child can experience free-flow play. They need to do this in order for them to make sense of information given by adults and in their experience in the world around them. Children also need adults around them to support and extend their play. When the children are engaged in play we observe and respond to their interests and experiences with sensitivity to the forefront of our interactions. This helps them to go beyond their understanding and creates opportunities for richer play.


Our team of play workers will observe, evaluate and plan throughout the year, taking into consideration your child’s interests and appropriate age/stage development. Your child will have access to a wide range of activities and play experiences. When planning our curriculum we aim to provide breadth and balance for your child, to promote and support your child’s developmental needs

Through play, your child will be developing their:

  • Emotional, personal and social development
  • Language and literacy development
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Expressive and aesthetic development
  • Physical development and movement

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