New Updates

A very exciting and fiercely contested season for the E& LTTL Premier title this season between North Merchiston 1 and Murrayfield 1 which climaxed on the last night of the season.

North Merchiston 1 managed to beat Murrayfield 1 in the first half of the season 6-4. Murrayfield 1 managed to reverse that result in the second half of the season, so all to play for! North Merchiston 1

slipped up dropping a valuable point against West Lothian 1 who finished 4th with a 5-5 draw away from home. Unexpectedly Murrayfield 1 drew with Edinburgh International 1 away from home which left both

teams on the same points total going into the last match of the season as both teams managed to win all their respective matches throughout the season.

North Merchiston 1 managed to comprehensively defeat West Lothian 1, 8-2 at home. Murrayfield 1 had a tricky fixture away from home against Edinburgh Sports Club 1 who finished 3rd in the division which they

needed to win. Murrayfield 1 went 5-3 up in the match looking like they would lift the title for the 3rd season in a row however a huge fight back from Edinburgh Sports Club 1 winning the last two matches

secured a 5-5 draw in a very tightly contested match meaning that North Merchiston 1 became E&LTTL Premier League Champions. The team of Gillian Edwards, Stewart Armitage and Colin Weir lifted the title.

In addition to this achievement, Gillian Edwards managed to win the individual averages with a 94.4% win rate































We have a new Defibrillator, purchased with contributions from a  NMFC parent and the NMC and supported by the Jamie Skinner Foundation. Training for all  football coaches will be carried out soon.

The SFA has recommended that all football clubs have a defibrillator in place. It is located in the club office should it be required.