Activities for children

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Capoeira Kids

4 to 6 years old Monday 3:45pm
7 to 11 years old Monday 4:45pm
4 to 10 years old Thursday 3.45pm
10 to 16 years old Thursday 4.45pm

All classes are £7

What is this Capoeira?

Is it a game, dance or maybe fight? The answer is as interesting as Capoeira itself, because it is an activity that contains all these elements, and their proportions depend in a large extent on what we ourselves are looking for in this art and on our character and temperament. An experienced trainer will develop the skills of the participants in each of these aspects, with particular emphasis on the natural predispositions of the participant. That is especially taken place at our kids’ classes to make the class as open, interactive and interesting for everyone as possible.

This culture from Brazil attracts people not only with its sport aspect, but also with the culture of Brazil, the language, music and traditions of this colourful country.


Some of the Benefits of Capoeira training:

- improves physical development

- develops group work for children

- shapes perseverance

- sharpens features such as reflexes and reaction time and decision-making

- teaches that the fall is not a reason to feel shame, but a natural step on the road to development

- teaches responsibility for your actions and movements

- it is a sport for everyone and everyone can play with each other, children with adults, women with men, building respect for others and themselves

- builds friendships and community

How to book?

Please register with Kasia and Grzes at

or 07895483226

Booking Form:

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CHeckmat Edinburgh

Sundays: 12.00 - 13.00




Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is for everyone. It's a ground fighting, grappling based martial art that is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you want to get fit, learn self-defence, increase your confidence, compete in competitions or just spend some time with like-minded friendly people, our BJJ classes at Checkmat Edinburgh are ideal. Learn these new skills in a relaxed, safe and respectful environment where you will receive all the support you need to get the most out of your training.

For booking please visit: (6) Checkmat Edinburgh | Facebook


From Acorn to Oak With Love

Tuesdays: 14.00 - 15.00




From Acorn to Oak  Baby Yoga Level 1 classes - suitable for babies aged from 3 months - pre-crawling (approx 8/9 months) will take place on a Tuesday from 2pm - 3pm.  


 A gentle and fun class which is suitable for all babies aged from 12 weeks - pre-mobile (crawling, bum shuffling, walking etc) Your 5 week block of classes will include:


- Birthlight Baby Yoga which will include stretches for both you and for your baby. Stretches for you will help to support your postnatal recovery and moves for baby are fun, safe and extremely beneficial for your baby's development.


- All activities are carefully designed to support bonding and relaxation with your baby!


- Our classes are welcoming, relaxed classes where your baby will be free to feed, cry and just be themselves at all times! You and your baby will both be supported in class


This class is taught by experienced yoga teacher Fay Denwood 


About Fay - Fay has been teaching yoga for the past three years. With a previous career in paediatric nursing, Fay has a love of working with children of all ages and a passionate interest in Women's Health. Fay has studied with some of the leading pregnancy and women's health yoga teachers in the UK today, and continues to study with the Yoga Therapy Institute. Combining this with her previous knowledge and the yoga practices she has done herself for the past ten years, Fay's classes are fun, welcoming and supportive.


Book you and your baby your spot on the mat here:


Classes and more info can also be viewed and booked here: or by contacting Lesley Gould, (owner of From Acorn to Oak) 07931 309866 


A very warm welcome awaits! 


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Inspire Theatre Workshop





Inspire Theatre Workshops is a child development company providing exciting drama, dance, and singing classes for 4-7s, 7-11s, and 12-17s. Their workshops are designed to boost social and performing skills and work to develop their "4Cs" - Concentration, Communication, Coordination, & Confidence. Their enthusiastic, skilled team of teachers are experienced in bringing out the very best in every child, and creating a safe, welcoming space in which the well-being, individuality, needs, and talents of every child are nurtured.

This Summer term their 4-7s are off on an exciting Jungle adventure! And their 7-11s and 12-17s are putting on a modern, hilarious production of A Midsummer Night's Dream!

Head to to find out more.


Japanese Lessons for children

Thursday 5-6pm



For international children - Learning Japanese language and culture in a variety of ways.

PVG Certified.





Japanese Playgroup

Tuesdays: 10.30 - 12.00 (Every second Tuesday)




Playgroup in Edinburgh for children and Japanese parent(s).


Contact Details: jkc.edinburgh[at]




Monday Junior/advanced 1830-2030

Friday Junior/advanced 1700 -1900

Sunday Juniors/Advanced 1200 -1400

Sunday Beginners 1100 - 1200

Sunday Improvers 1400 - 1500

If your looking for something to keep you active, have fun or something a bit more serious then we will have a class for you. Highland Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit. It requires strength, balance, co-ordination and stamina. If these are components you don't think you have then don't worry, you will quickly progress after a few classes. It's a hard work out and a great way to meet new friends. Classes will be sculpted, planned and designed to every dancer's needs and goals. 

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 6.00 – 7.00pm


 11.00 – 12.00pm

Learn new skills, build confidence and have fun with Karate Ashihara.

Our classes are designed around you and what you want to achieve. Whether you’re looking to keep fit or master a martial art our instructors are on hand to make sure you get the best out of every class.

Our children’s classes are designed so that kids enjoy themselves and learn at the same time. With its own junior grading system kids can work their way through a series of belt colours.

You don’t have to be young to join in though, even if you’re an adult beginner Karate Ashihara can teach you the basics and help you to develop into a Martial Arts Master.

Whoever you are, whatever age you are Karate Ashihara will help you reach your potential.


Contact Metin for more details at 077 189 56230

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Krav Maga

Tuesday 17.00-18.00 




Kids and teenagers face different problems than adults, like bullying, developing motor skills, confidence, and daring to speak up. Krav maga kids & teens offers a perfect blend of practical self-defence, physical fitness, and valuable life skills – all through fun and games!

Krav Maga...

  • Is simple and fun to learn

  • Builds self-esteem and confidence

  • Develops fitness and motor skills

  • Teaches practical life skills that will help your child grow

For more information and booking, email


Sing and sign

Wednesdays 10.00- 12.00 

Two classes, 10am & 11am



West Edinburgh Sing and Sign - Baby Signing the Fun Way!


Join us in our friendly and relaxed classes on Wednesday mornings and learn baby signing through songs, music and games. We teach simple sign language for useful words such as "milk", "more", "all gone" and "nappy change" to help babies communicate before speech develops. Find out what your baby wants to say! 


We run 3 different 'age appropriate' classes in 10-week blocks for babies aged 0-30 months. Upon booking, you will receive wonderful resources to support your learning and enjoy the class safely. 


Book your place today. Visit our website


Or drop your local teacher an email at 


Soft Play


12.30pm - 2pm



We are now running soft play here at the North Merchiston Club!

Two sessions are available on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Only ten spaces are available so please email in advance to book a slot. 

The sessions cost £2 or £3.50 to include a hot drink and Biscuit. 

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Star dance Ballet

Dance classes for children

Tuesdays, 4pm-5pm

Fridays, 3pm-5pm

Saturdays, 10am-11am

Sundays, 10am-12pm




Ballet: RAD registered teacher, PVG certified, over 5 years teaching experience, students are encouraged to take part in graded RAD examinations, various competitions and shows.

Phone: 07751848843 Christine


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Tanoshii Judo


9.10-9.55am (Under 8 years)

10.05-10.50am (9 Years +)


Tanoshii Judo (meaning 'Fun' Judo) is a community sports club set up in 2017.
We are based in Edinburgh and have classes for a whole range of ages and abilities. 

All of our Judo classes are designed to improve physical literacy as well as instill the ethos of Judo - honesty, humility, respect and hard work whilst, of course, having FUN!

Tanoshii Judo is run by three head coaches; Jack, Jonny and Daniel. We are all black belts, and either current or former British Judo team   members.



Saturdays: 9.00 - 11.00


Yee's Hung Ga kid's classes offer a fun, active approach to learningtraditional Chinese Kung Fu.We aim to develop co-ordination, balance, strength and fitness through amix of drills, pad work, partner exercises and games.Classes are adapted according to age, and also touch on self-defenceaspects, discipline, Chinese philosophy and language.  As studentsprogress, they increase their dexterity through practising with trainingweapons such as poles and twin swords.  They are also encouraged to takepart in performances and in gradings, benefitting their confidence andgiving them goals to strive for.Our Tiny Tigers class is on Saturdays from 9.10-9.50 am, aimed at 4-6year olds, followed by Little Leopards from 11-12, for 6-10 year olds.For details of classes for 10-16 year olds, please information about our style can be found here: Yee's Hung Ga KungFu Edinburgh (


Check our adults classes

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