Room Information

We have a number of halls and rooms that can be hired out for one-off events or on a continuous bases. Listed below are details of all of rooms that are available to hire.


Main Hall

Size 16.5 x 10 metres

The Main hall is currently used for many different activities including Martial arts, playgroup and large meetings. Table Tennis and Badminton can also be played in this hall.

Price: £23ph

*Discounts available for regular classes

sports hall.jpg

Sports Hall

Size 15.5 x 8 metres

The sports hall can be used for most sporting activities including martial arts and tennis tables.

Price: £20ph

*Discounts available for regular classes

room 2.jpg

Room 2

Size 14 x 6.5 metres

Room 2 is a great fitness suite, it has mirrors along one wall and is currently used by martial arts groups, dance and for pre-school activities.

Price: £16.75ph

*Discounts available for regular classes

room 23.jpg

Room 23

Size 8 x 6 metres

Room 23 is perfect as a rehearsal space with freshly tuned piano. It’s also excellent for exercise classes like Zumba or Yoga, it has mirrors down one wall so can be used for dance as well. It is also currently used for meetings and training sessions.

Price: £13.00ph

*Discounts available for regular classes

room 22.jpg

Room 22

Size 8 x 6.5 metres

Room 22 is a perfect for classes that want to feel out of the way, it is a peaceful room and can be used for Yoga or meditation. It also is good for meetings and pre-school activities.

Price: £13.00ph

*Discounts available for regular classes

meeting room.jpg

Meeting Room

The Meeting Room is a small room perfect for meetings.

Price: £8ph

*Free use for regular club groups

Four Vertical Lines Black

Cafe 48

Perfect for meetings and small groups.

Available in Mornings and after 7pm.

Price: £tbc


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