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North Merchiston Club Ethical Sponsorship and Donations Policy                                                         August 2022


We actively seek opportunities to work together with external organisations to achieve shared objectives. However, it is vital that we maintain our independence and do not allow external partnerships to bring the name of North Merchiston Club into disrepute. North Merchiston Club therefore seeks, so far as is practical and within the constraints of UK law;

  • initiatives that do not compromise the independent status of North Merchiston Club.

  • to ensure that the activities of organisations we work with are consistent with our organisational values. 

  • North Merchiston Club is not used in a manner that would express or imply North Merchiston Club’s endorsement of the company/organisation or its policies.

This policy has been devised to address sponsorship and donations. Sponsorship means payment by a private sector organisation, or individual, in return for public association with an activity, project, event or asset. This could be either cash or in kind. Donations means the same but where the public association is limited to at most an acknowledgement.


Sponsorship or donations from companies involved in any of the following activities will be avoided:

  • tobacco or vaping

  • gambling 

  • weapons manufacture 

  • pornography

  • selling or marketing alcohol 

Areas of potential concern

In addition North Merchiston Club will not accept support that could compromise who we are and what we do, or undermine our effectiveness in achieving our goals.

Sponsorship would not be appropriate from companies whose commercial objectives would conflict with our goals and values, or which could promote inaccurate or misleading messages about our commitment to those goals and values.

Other circumstances where there will be legitimate concern include, but not exclusively companies: 

  • with a poor reputation for equal opportunities and diversity

  • selling or producing products that are harmful or dangerous


The Board has the discretion to approve exceptions to the policy where the best interests of the Club can clearly be served. The Board will consider the risks involved and apply any conditions they deem as necessary to mitigate these. A review of the agreement and conditions will be conducted at least annually.


North Merchiston Club will not accept more than 10% of total income per annum from one corporate sponsor or donor, nor more than 30% of total income per annum from commercial organisations, so as not to compromise our integrity.  All sponsorship or donations with a value of more than £500 must be approved by the Club Manager and the Treasurer on behalf of the Board.

Agreements with sponsors must permit North Merchiston Club to withdraw from any sponsorship where new developments mean that areas of this policy become breached.


A list of corporate sponsors giving over £500 will be maintained on our website. 

North Merchiston Club will place a copy of this policy on our website. 

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